Roscoe’s 2 bags with Ceramic Jar


Roscoe’s premium pet bites are made from 100% pork loin – the same quality meat that you would eat. We have found that less is more even with the pickiest dogs, they go crazy for these simple treats. The only ingredient you’ll find listed is pure meat that’s been thinly sliced and dehydrated to create a chewy bite that is irresistible. This delicious snack delivers maximum protein and all the flavor your dog craves. To keep every bite as fresh as the first, Roscoe’s uses a drying process instead of adding chemical preservatives. Our bites are made to order and shipped fresh in vacuum sealed bags.

Box comes with 1 – 5 oz. bag of pork loin bites and 1 – 1 oz. bag of pork loin bites. Box also includes 1 ceramic jar for for storing your Roscoe’s.

• Only high-quality meat is used in Roscoe’s pet bites
• No added chemicals or preservatives
• Our bites are made to order
• We use a natural drying process
• Our vacuum sealed packaging ensures freshness
• Perfect on-the-go treat for traveling or training
• Perfect everyday portable protein treat
• Our branded ceramic jar holds up to 10 ounces and has an airtight bamboo lid



Our single ingredient bites are perfect for home or on the go and our ceramic jar always keeps them fresh.